About Us

Hi! We are the Ruiz family!

We met in english class sophomore year of high school after Mario moved from California to Utah. We quickly became friends and went to prom together. Mario wanted to be more than friends, I didn't agree. We connected again a couple years after high school and this time there was an instant connection! We fell in love and got married in 2016. The last four years have been full of ups and downs, trying new food, traveling to fun places, dance parties in the kitchen, hanging out with family, and obsessing over our golden retriever, Kimball.

We feel so grateful to grow our family through adoption. We are excited to connect with an amazing expectant mom and share our lives with her.

Meet Mario 
written by Emily

I am one lucky girl to be married to Mario. He always has a big smile on his face and uplifts everyone he meets. He is very analytical and can do crazy math equations in his head in a split second. Good thing he chose a fitting career! He works as a Business Intelligence Analyst for a bank. 

He takes after his mom in the cooking department. He does most of the cooking and it's always delicious. He is an animal lover, a sneakerhead, the best dog dad, and my best friend.

Meet Emily
written by Mario

Emily is the world's number one wife! She is the most patient, loving, and thoughtful person that you could meet. She loves teaching preschoolers with special needs and makes sure they get the best care and love possible.

When she is not busy cleaning up after me she loves to dance in the kitchen, bake delicious treats, and plan our next trip to Disneyland.

Meet Kimball
written by mom & dad

If you come to our house you will greeted by a very excited, very cute puppy, and more often than not he will have his favorite toy in his mouth.

Kimball is our one year old golden retriever and he is the best boy! He always wants to be where his humans are and thinks he's the king of the house. 

His favorite things include: new toys, treats from grandpa, the dog park, and looking out the window.

His least favorite things include: baths, car rides, his mom making him wear bandanas, and getting out of bed in the morning.

He is so excited to be a big brother!

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