Words cannot express the gratitude and respect we feel for you and your decision to let us love your sweet baby. I'm sure this decision has been very difficult and emotional for you, we are so amazed that you would entrust your child to us. You will be honored and talked about often in our home.


We have been waiting and praying for our baby for sometime now. These last couple years have been full of grief and loss. Knowing you love your baby enough to let him or her be loved by us fills us with immense hope and joy.

We will raise your child to know how much they are loved by us and you. We are excited to change diapers, tickle tiny toes, celebrate first steps and first words, take our toddler to the park, help them with homework, take him or her to Disneyland, send them off to prom, and enjoy every stage of parenthood. We want you to feel connected to him or her as much as you feel comfortable. You are so important to us!


We love you, and can't wait to begin our lifelong relationship.



With all the love in our hearts,


Mario & Emily Ruiz